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Common Symptoms of a Weak Projector Lamp are:

1. Dim image with low brightness and contrast.
2 .No Picture, Dark Screen
3. Shadows in Image, usually circular,
     (Shadows can also be caused by Debris or Spider webs)
4. Intermittent Shutdown
5. Fluctuating or Flashing Brightness
6. Longer than Normal starting time
7. Popping Sound, Then no picture

Common Portable Projector Light Engine Faults are:
(Bulb will not Repair)

1. Color Blobs or Patches
2. Blue or Orange Blob in Center of Image
3. Color Distortion
2. Color Strips at Top or Bottom

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** Portable Projector Lamps lamps can be identified by TV Model number located at the rear of the TV. **


Express Delivery is included with all bulbs and Lamps.

Multi-family or group mailbox, Secondary cities or rural delivery may be delayed 1-2 days.

*Prompt Response to all inquiries*

*Prompt Response to all Inquiries*